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Experian's new online portal puts the consumer in the driving seat


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is acting as a catalyst for change. More companies are making privacy a brand asset and creating informative content for consumers.

Experian have taken this approach with their new consumer portal. It explains who Experian are, how they use personal data, the benefits of relevant marketing and how to opt-out.

Crucially, Experian take the time to show how consumers benefit from personalised marketing and put people in control of the relationship. Someone can still decide to withdraw their personal data from being used for marketing. The consumer is in the driving seat, this is the spirit of GDPR.

It has information about all of Experian’s marketing services products and how data is used. Each section has a short video to help make the information digestible and easy to understand. This isn’t a 95 page long and obtuse privacy policy.

More information is available here.

Here’s the video from the ‘How does sharing data benefit me?’:

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