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Enhancing UX: Being Personal


The benefits of personalisation for enhancing UX in ecommerce are becoming increasingly known, and a personalised experience is increasingly expected by customers. These statistics reveal its importance and its direct link with increased sales:

74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g offers, ads, promotions) have nothing to do with their interests. – Janrain and Harris Interactive

40% of consumers buy more from retailers which personalise the shopping experience across channels. –mybuys.com

Businesses that are currently personalising web experiences and who are also able to quantify the improvement are seeing an increase in sales of 19% on average. –Econsultancy

Customers are increasingly digitally ‘Connected’. Before a customer buys a product they might do a search on a desktop, go into the store, compare prices on their smartphone, and then order on a tablet.

‘Connected customers’ are looking for seamless experiences across different channels, from in store and across different devices, which are tailored according to their individual preferences. This brings a new challenge to the personalisation quest in ecommerce. A profitable personalisation strategy needs to be data driven to be implemented effectively and across different channels.

Data validation tools such as Data8’s Lifestyle Profiles can be used to obtain an accurate insight on customers in real time and across different devices. The Lifestyle Profiles tool is a unique segmentation system that divides the UK into 80 mutually exclusive groups. The tool identifies the lifestyle and wealth of customers using just a postcode. Using the insight provided by Lifestyle Profiles enables you to deliver offers and recommendations which are relevant and personal to customers.

Investing in data validation tools assures accurate data is captured. Accurate data is foundational to delivering personalised content. This enhances UX and increases customer satisfaction and sales.

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