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Email - The Forgotten Driver of Big Revenues. But Only if it is Relevant...


In 2016, Ometria research found that 67% of consumers preferred email as their communication channel with brands, but 59% of consumers are bothered if a company emails them with products that don't match their personal taste. Additionally, 46%would consider not shopping again with a brand that kept sending messages with products that they are just not interested in.

In our latest email implementation, we demonstrated a 7x uplift in conversion by using autoGraph to ensure the email was relevant to the recipient. AutoGraph delivers, on a campaign by campaign basis, to maximize reach or relevancy and most importantly, we tell you where to stop and don’t bother a customer with irrelevant messaging.

The autoGraph platform allows the consumer to control their profile with both likes and dislikes and we score non-response differently from positive or negative response. This ensures that the autoGraph profile more accurately reflects customers’ preferences over time. And we’ve proven that over 90.4% of customers will create an autoGraph and a further 93.4% will go on to opt-in to receiving marketing communications.

We’ve had benefits led marketing. We’ve had experiential marketing. This next phase, riding the wave of GDPR, will be customer-centric, responsible marketing. We believe email will still lead the charge in driving significant revenues for businesses and now is the time to build consent and profiles that deliver customer centric relevancy and real business results.

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