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Dynamic Creatives & Audience Targeting: A Match Made in Heaven


We understand that reaching the right users at the right time and place is key to advertisers’ marketing efforts. But what about taking this a step further and showing the user the right message at the right time? Tailoring messaging to a specific audience is a great way to engage users with your brand and ultimately lead them to convert. Dynamic creatives allow us to marry audience segments with specific messaging to drive performance and be one step ahead of your competitors.

In the beginning

From day one of running our programmatic display campaigns we work hard to optimise and drive performance, however after three months we find our campaigns come into their own as they start to mature and the account manager knows what makes them tick. Our hard work means the campaign gets to an exciting point where we can start to identify key audiences and provide insights to our clients that can drive wider marketing strategy.

The stairway to heaven

Using the extensive reporting capabilities within DoubleClick Bid Manager and our own performance analysis we can identify the key audiences who are engaging with your brand. Identifying these is great, but we can take things a step further and use dynamic creatives to target these individual audiences with a message that is relevant and engaging to them.

For example say we identify two key audiences who strongly engage with your brand – they are:

Bargain Hunters & Interior Enthusiasts

Using dynamic creatives we can then tailor our messaging for each audience:

Ad examples for bargain hunters & interior enthusiasts

Segmenting your audiences and adapting your messaging to each audience creates a more personal user experience and increases the chance of users engaging with your brand and ultimately converting.

Once these users have visited your site, if they haven’t converted we can then create an even more personalised remarketing message to draw them back in to convert:

Remarketing ad example

The perfect match

Dynamic creatives make it easy to show super engaging messaging for each type of user. Our clients have already seen amazing results using dynamic creative with audience tailoring; one in particular saw a 160% increase in conversion rates when comparing generic ad copy and images to tailored ones. Taking your creatives strategy to this heavenly level will allow you to utilise your display budget much more efficiently and ensure you are getting the highest possible engagement and conversion rates. This is definitely a case of more effort = more rewards.

To view this blog written by Nicole Priestley on Periscopix's website, please click here and get in touch to talk to one of our dynamic experts on customised strategies that will work for your brand.

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