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Door Drops Aren't Going Anywhere in this digital age


​Helen Sawyer is Client Director at The Leaflet Company, the UK’s largest Door to Door distribution specialist, so is well placed to understand the intricacies of the medium. You can read her full thought piece here

Helen firmly believes that door drops are impactful, effective and destined to remain an integral part of brand advertising.

The digital revolution turned the media industry on its head. There’s no arguing with that. But when brands switched their efforts to online marketing, responses were not as compelling as expected.

Since then Helen has seen many companies come to realise the potential of door drops as part of their marketing mix. And it’s not just the traditional bricks and mortar firms. Many of the new breeds of digital businesses, which exist entirely without physical stores, have begun investing heavily in recent years.

There’s one very good reason this has happened, Helen says. And that’s because people engage with door drops in the home. A well-targeted door drop, in which the message is relevant and interesting to the person who receives it, can be kept for a phenomenal amount of time.

It’s true. Studies have shown that, when leaflets are retained, they are kept for an average of 38 days. Plus, 23% of all mail gets shared around the household*. That’s quite a stay.

This targeting, Helen observes, has become much more advanced over the last few years and will only become more effective. Data sets are constantly evolving and online behaviour is now taken into account, along with many other factors.

My takeout

I’d like to thank Helen for taking the time to share her insights with us. Her place at the heart of the industry has armed her with a unique vantage point and I would highly recommend reading her full thought piece.

She proves that door drops can be both positive and precise tools that can reach people exactly when and where you want.

You can find many more inspirational ideas from our Mailmen at

Please remember that if you’d like to use door drops in your own campaigns, we have some valuable offers available including a New User Scheme. To find out more, give my team a call on 0800 014 2365.

*Royal Mail MarketReach, The Private Life of Mail, 2015.

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