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Wood for Trees are running a webinar on the 12th December at 11:00 and hope you can join us to dig deeper into why it is so important to keep supporters engaged with all you do.

A decade ago, direct mail was probably your main communication channel, now you need to be multi-channel to reach your target audience. Ask yourself…

• Is our supporter sign up compliant and correctly permissioned?

• Is our cookie policy and cookie collection compliant?

• Do we have a flexible solution for managing supporter preferences?

• Do our supporters expect a personalised experience?

• Do we have the right consent flags right across all our supporters?

• Do we have granular permissions for all our communication channels?

• Do our supporters trust us with their data?

If you can't answer yes to all of the above, let us help you find a way... register here for this 30 minute webinar:

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