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Don't feed the plants


Creative ways to quit your job, the secrets you learn working at a celebrity magazine, mindfulness with KFC and the terrifying intimacy of a loving fern.

Bush. Of the Kate variety. Prized wordsmithery from the shewolf.

Will we ever get tired of buying iPhones? In short, probably not.

If burning your bridges in frowned upon, then a marching band to announce your impending exit doesn’t come recommended. But my god, it’s glorious. If you’re thinking of jacking it all in – take note: creative ways to quit your job.

Confirmation of what we all already knew: Mark Wahlberg has no friends.

Nike might just be onto a winner. After the initial controversy of the their ground-breaking Colin Kaepernick ad, sales are up; almost doubling their revenue compared to this time last year.

Continuing with their 30th anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign, all eyes on South African middle-distance runner, Caster Semenya. The new spot celebrates the athlete’s unique spirit, strength and certainly gives a good tug on the old heart strings.

Because when you’re born to do it…

Nobody saw it coming. Really?

Celebrity magazines. Sorry Antony Costa, the secrets are out.

Netflix. Like a moseying family cat that wanders into the guest bathroom; it knows your habits, your secrets, it’s too late now – it’s seen everything. So, ads? Ads? Someone have a word.

The challenges of mobile data in a post-GDPR era are, as you’d expect, plentiful. If you’re feeling uneasy, take solace knowing you are not alone – understand more.

A tough week for John Lewis at the news of a profit plunge of 99%. What doesn’t kill you guys.

We hear the term ‘best practice’ a lot in marketing. Nobody knows what it means. Nobody. Opening Pandora’s box on strategy, Helen Edwards goes in on linking up the essentials and application, application, apli-bleeding-cation.

‘You can train your brain to see things differently’ says designer, Carl Godfrey speaking to Lecture in Progress this week – even Trump? Thought not.

Chicken meet mindfulness. Mindfulness meet chicken. A pairing so natural, it’s hard to understand why nobody thought of the sizzlingly mishmash before. Leave it to Mother London to see what others refuse to with their latest spot for KFC, KFChill.

Rain? Chicken?

Proof that if we all keep wishing for Ryan Gosling hard enough, he will appear.

You’re relaxed, you can take a joke – hey, you can make a few n’all, right!? Leave early for the pub on a Friday? Why not? That’s just the kind of chilled-out, good-time Gary you are. Before you go full David Brent, why you shouldn’t try to be the ‘fun boss’ at work.

Forget gone-off jars of Janis from down the road’s homemade marmalade; this raffle cranks it up a random notch.

The Human League called it way back when. Get your foot off the gas buddy, the future is electric.

They don’t change the channel when you’re watching reruns of Don’t Tell the Bride; they don’t eat the last caramel digestive you had been saving specifically; they don’t leave the shower head pointing outwards so powerful jets of water soak you and the entire bathroom at 6.30 in the morning.

Get a plant. Or more explicitly, get a FERN.

To finish: a warming of the cockles. Gorgeous storytelling from The National Lottery and Adam & Eve/DDB.

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