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DMA Mentoring Scheme Autumn 2017


DMA House welcomed the sixth round of the DMA Mentoring Scheme on Wednesday 20th September. The event was led for the third time by business coach Emma Shelton-Smith who got straight down to business with our mentors, hosting an interactive workshop that introduced the scheme, explained its advantages as well as giving top tips on making the most of being a mentor.

Once again, the room was bursting at the seams with industry expertise; individuals from RAPP, Bartle Bogle Hegarty and PSONA (to name a few) were there, so it promised to be yet another successful event. We were also joined by a very familiar face in Grace Cassidy who not long ago was sat at the other side of the table as a mentee; living proof of the success of the scheme!

Once the mentees arrived, it was down to business. Each mentee and mentor spent six minutes together in a ‘speed dating’ type scenario, where the sound of the bell signalled their opportunity to openly discuss their experience, career aspirations and concerns to gauge if they felt they’d be a good match.

After the bell had sounded ten times, the ‘speed dating’ came to an end and the drinks swiftly began to flow in the networking portion of the night. This gave all the mentors and mentees the perfect opportunity to come together to continue any unfinished discussions before making a final decision on who they wanted to pair with by selecting their top three mentors/mentees. Now, their fate is in our hands as we pair them together based upon their feedback forms.

The mentoring scheme is a fantastic opportunity for young professionals looking to develop their career in marketing. Whether you want to share career aspirations, are looking for guidance or need a sounding board for issues at work, it’s an invaluable tool both in personal and career development. Likewise for established industry professionals, the mentoring scheme is as equally rewarding in not only contributing to the growth of a young professional, you may come out having learnt a thing or two.

If you would like to register your interest and find out more information about the next round of mentoring taking place early next year, please contact Jessica Reilly.

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