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DMA Email Council and ISBA: Customer Engagement - Roundtable


The DMA Email Council and the ISBA participated in a roundtable discussion to offer advice to the National Trust and Sainsbury’s Bank on the challenges around email campaigns as a result of the coronavirus. Lili Boev, Chair of the DMA Email Council, opened the discussion, which included:

  • The changes both companies made to survive the lockdown
  • How comparative organisations responded to the pandemic
  • Guidance and insight from others in the DMA Email Council
  • The question around language and content
  • The question around testing
  • Balancing DM vs email

Click below to download mobile or desktop versions of the piece.

Download DMA Email Council and ISBA: Customer Engagement – Roundtable

A special thank you to our participants:

DMA Email Council Attendees

Lili Boev, Vuture; Steve Henderson, Emarsys; Daniel Lack, Growth Track; Antony Humphreys, RSPB; Komal Helyer, Pure360; Suzanna Chaplin, ESBConnect; Guy Hanson, Validity; Gavin Laugenie, dotdigital; Josh Berkley, DMA; Rosie Atherfold, DMA; Marta Perez, DMA; Alia Barakzai, DMA.


Duncan Ogle-Skan, National Trust; Amy Collins, Sainsbury’s Bank; Neelam Mistry Kotecha, Assurant; Chris Barnett, 1973 Ltd; Nadja von Massow, Nadworks; Saravanan Subburam, Investment & Pensions Europe; Elliot Ross, Taxi for Email; Kelly Atkins, Paragon.

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