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DMA election manifesto - vote for creative industries


With less than three weeks until election day, the DMA wants all parties to pay attention to the creative industries, and sign-up to our four point plan.

As Advertising Association and Deloitte research has shown, advertising contributed some £100 billion to the UK economy in 2013, and £17.5 billion was spent across all media in 2014, subsidising entertainment and sport for consumers. "The Advertising Association estimates that the gap between what people are willing to pay and the true cost of the advertising-funded media they receive is almost £5 billion, which is equal to £187 per household per year, according to their 2015 Advertising Pays report.

According to their 2014 Advertising Pays report, “On average, £1 of advertising spend generates £6 for the economy. That means the £16 billion spent on UK advertising in 2011 generated £100 billion in the UK economy”

We believe any new government should protect and promote the creative and data-driven industries, and we want any new government to:

  • Consider new data protection legislation, which should balance the concerns of consumers with the interests of business.
  • Continue to negotiate EU Data Protection Regulation to ensure it is balanced.
  • Make sure the Information Commissioner’s Office has the funding and resources to carry out all its duties effectively.
  • Continue to have a ministerial post responsible for the digital economy.

As the advertising, marketing and entertainment industries evolve, data will become increasingly important in making these investments work better and harder and get better returns for the UK economy.

Vote for creative industries.

DMA Manifesto for the creative industries

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