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DMA Data Protection 2015 - the day in video


Watch videos from our data protection day, held in London last week.

Speakers include the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham, The Guardian's Julia Porter, Opt 4's Rosemary Smith, Aimia's Andrew Bridges, Telefónica UK's Jonathan Earle, and our very own Chris Combemale.

The 2016 Data Protection event has been confirmed for 26 February - book now.

The Information Commissioner Christopher Graham is responsible for policing those industries driven by data, like the marketing and advertising sectors. He talked about his approach to regulation, which he says is not about being a traffic warden, but more about looking at the potential harm that rogue marketers can bring.

Memorably, he said: "Let me reserve the big stick in the cupboard for those that need a good spanking."

Julia Porter, DMA chair and director of consumer revenues at Guardian Media, talked about The Guardian's approach to data, doubly important when dealing with stories like the Edward Snowden files which exposed misuse of data, about monetising readers without a paywall, and the development of the DMA Code.

Rosemary Smith, director at data marketing consultancy Opt 4, and Andrew Bridges, data governance manager at Nectar owner AIMIA, chatted through their 10 biggest concerns for new data regulations coming from both Europe and elsewhere.

If you deal with data, this is essential viewing.

Chris Combemale, executive director of the DMA, talked about the current state of lobbying in Europe. There are four stages: each of the three parts of government - Parliament, Council and Commission publish their take on the way the legislation should develop, and then they together debate a final version.

The Parliament and Commission have completed their pieces. Next, the Council will shortly publish its version. Finally, these three parts of government will then thrash-out a final version in 'trilogue' negotiations.

Jonathan Earle, head of strategy, planning and innovation at O2 parent company Telefónica UK asks a simple question: is technology really helping you?

Whether it is or not, he says technological change will be slower today than at any other time for the rest of your life. But there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

DMA Data Protection 2016 will be held on 26 February. The Information Commissioner has already confirmed. Click here to book your place.

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