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DMA Comment: The DMA Becomes an Ambassador for Tech Education


The DMA is now an Intermediary Ambassador for technical education. The programme - run by the Department of Education via the Education and Skills Funding Agency (EFSA) - will see the DMA, through DMA Talent, champion apprenticeships, T-Levels and traineeships to Members, prospective employers and to other intermediary networks.

Alongside 50 other organisations DMA have pledged to be an Intermediary Ambassador for technical education.

So why does this matter? What will the DMA and DMA Talent do, and how can you get involved?

DMA Talent General Manager, Kate Burnett, explains.

A key moment for UK data and marketing to truly diversify

Apprenticeships are a key part of the Government’s education and skills strategy and marketing should be part of this conversation for its future talent needs.

There are apprenticeships available for creative, data and broader marketing roles from marketing executive levels to managerial positions.

It is a key opportunity for the UK data and marketing industry to diversify its workforce.

Fitting the DMA's classroom to boardroom strategy - and helping Members

Apprenticeships sit firmly in the DMA's classroom to boardroom strategy.

They are a route into the industry for new talent.

And within the DMA there are opportunities for apprentices to become individual members, or for relevant DMA Learning - delivered through our world-renowned Institute, the IDM - to be ptiched in at this level as well.

It is also beneficial for DMA Members to understand how to access and work with apprenticeships and apprentices directly.

As an Ambassador, the DMA will feed Members up-to-date with information that is relevant to them, particularly for SMEs where there is change imminent in the system for managing how they use the apprenticeship service.

How did the DMA become an Intermediary Ambassador?

To become an Intermediary Ambassador, we have committed to the following:

  • Use the weight of our organisation to promote technical education through our networks, Members and to other intermediary organisations
  • Help grow the number of intermediaries engaging with technical education through advocacy to intermediaries new to apprenticeships, traineeships, T-Levels and industry placements
  • Provide evidence against a range of ambassadorial activity on a quarterly basis to be approved for sharing in the public domain
  • Share best practice examples of how we have supported our networks/memberships in achieving the benefits of technical education within their businesses
  • Encourage apprentices through our networks, members and other intermediary organisations to join the Young Apprenticeship Ambassador Network
  • Become an active member of the Intermediaries Group on LinkedIn.
  • Committing a minimum of one day per quarter on ambassadorial activities.
  • Attendance at skype meetings and biannual face to face meetings.

And what has the DMA worked on so far?

We have attended the intermediaries launch conference, and various meetings and calls.

There have been two ESFA research exercises, providing us with the insight on what we need to do support them, and how to feedback on their communications.

And we are also in the process of bringing an apprentice onto the DMA's staff.

What are the next steps in this journey?

We are working to fund research into the whole notion of apprenticeships and how they sit, feel and work with our Members - something the ESFA are keen to have sight of.

We'll talk all things apprenticeships in communications to Members – through web articles, social and email, via roundtables or also events where possible.

And we'll promote marketing and data apprenticeship opportunities to young people through DMA Talent activity and via our school partners and higher education organisations we have relationships with.

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