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DMA advice: Marketing intelligence 2017


DMA advice: DMA marketing intelligence guide

With programmatic approaches under scrutiny, it's time to make the benefits of such approaches transparent and clear.

The DMA's customer engagement committee has produced this guide to help businesses get to grips with marketing intelligence approaches such as programmatic and artificial (or augmented) intelligence.

According to DMA MD Rachel Aldighieri, "Brands can gain an edge over their competitors using marketing intelligence approaches by using data to refine and target their advertising. To give brands confidence, we need to be clear about the benefits, the risks, and the opportunities and not obfuscate.

"Marketing intelligence technologies and approaches can be transformative for businesses. But not if the benefits are hidden, the processes obscured and the value uncertain," she says.

Click the blue button below for the report, which brands can use as a guide to moving towards marketing intelligence approaches and introduces the SCAMPS model, a mnemonic designed to help you anticipate potential pitfalls or problems ahead.

  • S - Silos
  • C – Customer, creative
  • A - Attribution
  • M - Measurement
  • P – Programmatic in isolation
  • S – Segmentation

The guide also includes a section advising businesses what to do before moving to marketing intelligence techniques like programmatic, and how techniques like programmatic can be used beyond acquisition and through to service and retention campaigns.

DMA advice: Marketing intelligence guide

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