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Dip-Hop musical pizza, eye-tracking and using new tech effectively


Recently, Cummins & Partners revealed the world’s first crowd sourced 3D printed QR code, live streamed via Go Pro to a smart phone or tablet device, drone delivery ticket system project. Ridiculous? Yes. But here, humour’s unlocked an insight – the industry’s saturated with useless tech.

So how do you use Oculus Rift, eye tracking or extreme geo-targeting effectively? As in, not just for the sake of it?

If you’ve ventured from under your rock, you’ll know a change is a-comin’. People aren’t interacting with brands like they used to. Rather than a ‘push’ (taking a metaphorical megaphone to the people) marketing must change to a ‘pull’ (like a whisper in the ear). While it’s obvious new tech is a honey-pot for consumers, getting that honey involves bees, venom and, in some cases, allergic reactions.

In other words, using new tech the right way is hard.

Pull 2015 – the DMA’s day on all things new tech – aims to influence the effective use of new technology in marketing. It includes speeches for planners, creatives, accounts people, brand champions, media ninjas, clickbait kings… you get the picture.

But let’s get back to the work. Here are some campaigns that use technology on show at Pull:

Makey Makey and Pizza Hut’s Dip-Hop

It’s perfect for social because it’s pointless, playful, a really creative use of Makey Makey and fun with a capital F. Will Drake’s next album break-open the Dip-Hop genre? Only time will tell.

Skoda’s Fight for Attention eye tracking campaign

This is one of the only campaigns – ever – that uses eye-tracking. It uses your webcam to monitor which car you watched the most. To have a go, click here.

Oculus Rift – living with lag

Swedish internet provider Umea Energi (which presumably translates to ‘something energy’) had people try to make pancakes, play ping-pong, go bowling and do aerobics while the world around them was seen with a 10th of a second lag. It’s comical and bizarre (and, hence, shareable).

What do you think? Inspired? Or could you do better?

To read more about Pull 2015, click here.

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