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Did you miss this powerful campaign from Vauxhall?


As you can imagine with a major football tournament there’s bound to be many adverts pushing non-related football products down our throats from, washing up liquid to highly unnecessary premium Italian tyres.

But one campaign that really stood out to me was this fantastic advert by Vauxhall Motors (yes another car brand)…

“The boys who wouldn’t let you play
The teachers who wouldn’t let you join the team
The bosses who wouldn’t give you time off to train
The pundits who patronised you
The relatives who just didn’t get it
The doubters
The smirkers
The chauvinists
The shirt-swapping gags
The Mexicans
The Colombians
The Norwegians
The Canadians
You beat them all. And won 50 million hearts along the way.
Congratulations to the Lionesses on an unforgettable tournament.”

There are two reasons I like this campaign. Firstly for the simplicity of the copy, the way it is written with repetition and how the copy is situated on the page. Good copywriting tells a story and I feel this campaign captures this in an interesting way.

Secondly I like the powerful message behind the campaign. The genuineness and unique stance to advertising compared to the plethora of campaigns hitting our faces every day.

I feel this is important, allowing the audience to feel a sense of sensitivity towards the brand and above all creating a positive perception of Vauxhall (no matter how corporate they may in fact be).

101 London’s Ross Farquhar who were behind the campaign had a clear message and aim he wanted to capture from the adverts stating:

“The England team making it to the semi-final is a meteoric achievement, and it’s truly capturing the country’s imagination.”

“As sponsor and supporter of Home Nations football, we wanted to help Vauxhall show its support in a way that reflected the spirit that’s surrounded this World Cup.” (Source)

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