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Delving into Neuromarketing


At Lab, we are dedicated to putting human understanding at the heart of everything we do. One of the ways we do this is through neuromarketing. To gain a deeper understanding of neuromarketing, Daryll Scott, Director of Human Technology, gave us a brief breakdown…

What is neuromarketing?

Daryll: It’s not very well defined as an industry. At Lab we define it as: Using technology and observation to measure the emotional, non-conscious responses to media and make measurable improvements. It’s not neuroscience - the ‘neuro’ bit refers to the whole nervous system.

Why is neuromarketing important?

Daryll: On the receiving end of all communication is a human nervous system. Behavioral economists know that consumers are irrational and neuroscientists know that nothing happens without emotion; all decisions are emotional.

We humans are not very good at being aware of the complex, non-conscious processes that create our perceptions, thinking and responses.

Neuromarketing is a bit like mind reading – it allows us to track non-conscious responses and make sense of the consumer’s irrational behavior.

What businesses can use Neuromarketing?

Daryll: Testing is becoming more and more accessible to all businesses with some tests now costing less than £10,000. We can use it to audit CX or brand, A/B test options, de-risk bold creative decisions by anticipating results and track improvements in emotional performance.

Sound interesting?

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