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Cut Through The Clich©s This Christmasâ¦

It’s the month of Christmas clichés – tinsel, turkey, trees and toys
And your business brain is baffled – how to cut through all the noise?
Ads are too expensive and you’re tired of PR puffing
And bulkmail just gives inboxes a never-ending stuffing.
Rocketseed’s the answer – just keep reading through this rhyme…
We call it ‘email branding’ and it’s opened every time.

But beware, ‘cos email marketers are not at all the same
‘Our new top tips for Christmas’ you’ll hear some of them exclaim
When what they really mean is that they’ll make your email ‘jolly’
Stick a Santa hat on your logo and a few sad sprigs of holly.
But while they love their gimmicks and their foolish festive tricks,
We’re focused on real marketing and getting you more clicks.

Every email that you send can feature ‘email branding’
Of signatures and banners, and its targeting’s outstanding.
Show opening times, your Christmas deals, or charity donations,
Link to your Christmas tweets, and add eye-catching animations.
And always add an interactive, powerful call-to-action
To get your contacts clicking and give your campaign traction.

From signatures to full campaigns, we’ll meet your every need
Our designer elves know just what works, our tech is best-of-breed.
To give you total peace of mind, you get our full attention
(not set you up then disappear like others we could mention)
And rest assured your Christmas won’t be spoilt by bad surprises,
Your designs will look perfection when they’re viewed on all devices.

Our workshop’s always extra busy around this time of year,
Working hard for all our clients – you’ll find no snowflakes here!
As each yuletide campaign goes live we always get excited,
Especially when our clients say they’re utterly delighted.
The proof is in the Christmas pudding, and if you want some clues
Just check out our case studies and our fab five-star reviews.

Email branding isn’t just for Christmas, let’s just make that clear,
It can drive engagement, hits and sales all throughout the year.
So if ‘We need new signatures’ is in your New Year’s memo
Just click right HERE to get in touch – we’ll magic up a demo.
So to cut through Christmas clichés, email branding’s what you need
And we wish you a clicking good Christmas, from us all at Rocketseed.

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