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Customer acquisition - how do you perform?


We launched the first Customer Acquisition Barometer in 2014, looking at what was most important to consumers when brands want to make them customers. Take part in the 2015 survey which this year expands from B2C to include B2B acquisition.

This year, in partnership with The Media Octopus (TMO), the project will benchmark industry acquisition metrics, but also monitor progress against last year’s results, and check against incoming consumer data protection regulation.

If you're yet to complete the survey, please do so here.

Those that do will receive a complete copy of the findings. You'll learn about customer attitudes towards different channels and messaging, whether those are business or high street customers.

According to the DMA Group's CEO Chris Combemale, we learned from the first edition in 2014 that while acquiring new customers is essential for business growth, "When 77% of marketers use social media, and only 9% of consumers say they are influenced by social media, something is wrong.”

According to Andrew Colwell, head of strategy at TMO: “Quite rightly, businesses place a great deal of importance on acquiring new customers. The good news is that consumers are happy to be acquired – the results of The CAB research will provide senior marketers with the intelligence on how best to go about this.

“Whether you are B2B or B2C, ultimately, it’s all about customers. The 2015 CAB will prove an essential tool for marketers in this respect,” he said.

The results launch will be held at London's Ham Yard Hotel chaired by DMA group board member Caroline Worboys, who will introduce case studies and a panel discussion. We'll even throw in breakfast.

Whether you're a huge multinational or a start-up, you'll find the information to find those customers your business needs to grow.

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