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Creative services government contracts to be made available to more businesses


The Crown Commercial Service have been consulting on how the government tender contracts for creative services. The DMA has been a part of that process and has been lobbying for the process to be opened up.

At the moment, only a very small number of businesses are registered government suppliers for creative services. This means that many DMA members are missing out on the opportunity to compete for government contracts.

However, the government intend to open up the process but subject to a consultation.

The government intend to open up the process and allow new organisations to register as a supplier allowing them to compete in future tenders.

Businesses can register for two different frameworks. The first one covers strategic end-to-end services and would include large scale work probably taking place over a longer period of time. This is called ‘RM3774 Campaign Solutions Framework’

The second one covers short term tactical services such as, hiring a photography company to assist with a project or using the skills of copywriter to improve internal resources. This is called ‘RM3796 Communications Services Framework’

Downloard the framework documents here along with evaluation guidance:

RR3774 Campaign Solutions framework

RM3796 Communications Services framework

Bid evalution methods

The DMA is making the draft documents available to members so they can comment on them. The deadline for comments on these draft documents is Thursday 9 June 2016.

Submit any comments you may have to

For more information on the proposed approach visit the Crown Commercial Service website.

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