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Craft in the Age of Coronavirus


Obligations to work from home, social distance, self-quarantine, restrict travel, and cancel events have become the new normal – but so has a surge of creativity.

It’s important to recognise that not everyone can tap into it: front-line workers have less free time, not more; many people in crisis, whether physically, emotionally, or financially, are focussed on their basic needs.

But a lot of creatives at home have become inspired by these unprecedented constraints, bringing forward clever solutions to help battle the pandemic, and sometimes even challenging the rules of such innovation.

Our new series, Craft in the Age of Coronavirus, shines a light on those using their time and talents to bring positivity during the pandemic, educating, entertaining, and encouraging us through their much-needed creative work.

Here you’ll find stories of people using this period of unprecedented hardship to fuel collaboration, ideation, and creative execution. Stories that remind us isolation can lead to imagination and, for now, staying together means staying apart.

A huge thank you to our contributors for sharing their passions and perspectives. View the short zine pieces and find links to the longer-read articles below.

Craft in the Age of Coronavirus #2

Gain insights from Vikki Ross on the craft of copywriting inside and outside covid comms. Read what the renowned Copywriter, Brand and Tone of Voice Specialist, Trainer (including for D&AD Masterclasses), Speaker (most recently Adidas and Zenith Media), and Mentor has to say.

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Craft in the Age of Coronavirus #1

Get a behind-the-stage look at Sound Advice, the perfect – and in the age of the pandemic, unconventional – marriage of copy and graphic design from Simon Morgan, Founder of Bread & Butter, and Copywriter Ben Fitton.

Download the zine piece

Check out the in-depth interview

If you would like us to consider featuring your creative work for our series, get in touch, here.

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