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Cracking the code of linking online and offline marketing

Linking online and offline data, achieving a single customer view and drawing together different attribution channels were key topics occupying marketers at the data and analytics roundtables we attended last week.

Not surprisingly, given the rise in customers hopping between channels and devices, cross-channel marketing and measuring its effectiveness is becoming harder to achieve. But marketers who can demonstrate their effectiveness are seen to be thriving in their careers and ensuring marketing is respected in the boardroom.

Many of the marketers we spoke to, look at a wide range of measures to understand marketing effectiveness – but the challenge is how to combine online and offline data in once place.

Integration is key

We talked about how some of the brands we are working with are starting to tap into advanced website tracking data and integrating this with their offline CRM systems. For the first time they can now start to explore this data in-depth to discover:

  • Why baskets are abandoned – to ensure more customers complete the full path to purchase
  • Where customers are in the purchasing cycle over time, and deploying appropriate communications at the right time
  • What is the next best action – across a brands' customer base

In addition, one of the greatest benefits we’ve seen when integrating online and offline data is the ability to gain an individual-level view of attribution. Advanced attribution at an individual-level goes beyond the basics, providing ‘what if’ scenario planning and optimisation recommendations – allowing us to drill down to results at an individual-level across all channels.

Joining the dots

Now, we believe the true game changer in marketing is the abundance of data. Marketing has never been so measurable. At the same time, it’s never been so hard to connect all these siloed data. By getting this accurate understanding of your customer base and joining the dots between individual online and offline customer journeys you can create a single customer view, improve the customer experience and improve marketing effectiveness all in one go.

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Watch our short video to see the benefits of linking online and offline data in action…

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