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Cost Effective Amplification of Experiential Marketing


Before social media, experiential marketing has been isolated to campaigns that target a very small number of very high worth potential customers. This is because costs are high and before social, reach was low.

With the rise of social media, the focus of experiential has moved towards creating content worth sharing. With the content being owned by the user, it’s of critical importance to the campaign that the content is branded before it’s shared.

This can be done in many ways; AR apps, custom overlays or branded backdrops are just a few examples. But while photos are great, video sees the most sharing and therefore represents the biggest opportunity. The problem is that producing a custom video on site can be expensive and limited.

Antix, a Shoreditch based video editing company, have developed editing technology that can instantly create branded videos using artificial intelligence. Their video editing process can automatically create shareable video by making intelligent editing decisions based on time, location, sound and specific ‘events’. These ‘events’ can be adapted to each campaign, depending on what the experience entails and the final video desired. The intelligent editor can filter through hours of footage in seconds to find the highlights. Filters, branding, music and animated intros/outros can all be automatically edited into the video.

The result is a unique but consistent branded piece of content that’s easy to produce and worth sharing.

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