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Consumers value mail from all sectors

In our recent research into what consumers value about mail, we took a closer look at valued mail from six different sectors.

These were: Financial Services, Travel and Tourism, Retail, Utilities/Telecoms, Public Sector and Charities.

I don’t mind admitting that the results surprised us.

Given that the typical content, tone, type and propositions of mail from these areas are so different, we expected to see a similarly wide range of characteristics for valued mail.

But that wasn’t the case at all. In reality, the differences were smaller than we imagined.

In all sectors, valued mail was personally relevant and had similar characteristics. It had something important to say, it made people think about the organisation, it sparked feelings and it led to a multiplicity of actions.

There were a number of sector specific differences that are worth highlighting, but there isn’t space to explore them here. However you’ll find them all in the full report, which you can download right now from

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