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Consumer trends in the UK and Europe: The most impactful marketing tactics for 2024


Did you know that 57% of UK consumers feel pessimistic about the economic outlook? But despite the economic downturn and overall pessimism, 70% of UK consumers are willing to pay more to shop with their loyal brands.

These are just 2 of the many fascinating results from Marigold's 2024 Consumer Trends Index. Marketing Week and Marigold have curated an exclusive webinar discussion around the report, analysing consumer trends in the UK and Europe.

Watch the on-demand video to see Russell Parsons, Editor-in-chief for Marketing Week and Georgia Gkolfinopoulou, Marketing Strategist at Marigold analyse the dynamic landscape of consumer trends in the UK and continental Europe and delve deep into the findings of the 2024 European Consumer Trends Index.

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Discover the Consumer Trends Index, an annual research study designed to equip brands with essential consumer data and insights that are critical to developing effective relationship marketing strategies.

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