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Clear your nan's mantelpiece


The commemorative plate as you've never seen it before, the history and future of everything, and Mark Zuckerberg on a booster seat.

Electrical equipment. A vat of water. A bumbling, British bloke in an ill-patterned shirt. What could possibly go wrong?

Boring people. Good news: Tinder can’t get enough of you.

Bad news: your friends probably hate you and everything you stand for.

Ever dreamt of seeing a fully-grown man fight an unfeasibly large shark? What if that man was Jason Statham? We thought as much.

Time and space. Space and time. Move over Einstein, animation whizzes, Kurzgesagt are the new Sheriffs in town.

From the big bang to the inevitable end of humankind as we know it - Time: The History and Future of Everything.

Puma. After throwing a party inspired by council estate drug dealing, the sports brand have come under fire this week for ‘glamourising the lived experiences of prominently working class people of colour’ - sparked by an open letter on Instagram.

In the land of logo. Propercorn collaborate with seven artists for brightened pack refresh, and American Express get their first overhaul in 40 years – not that you’d notice.

Small businesses, take heed. The four letters that have reverberating around your office walls for the past year are about to come into force – and you best be ready.

Zuckerberg in Washington. Zuckerberg in the spotlight. Zuckerberg on a booster seat.

Addressing congress with the eyes of a man who has travelled to the future and seen our hideous destiny before returning back to the present day, the Facebook co-founder left D.C. more or less unscathed this week - are there still questions that need answering?

Remember your first job? From the prop-maker to the sewage plant-worker, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

13 women with one goal, to reach for the stars – quite literally.

Netflix’s latest original documentary, Mercury 13 takes a look at the untold story of a secret program that trained women to go to the moon during the 1960's space race.

Sexing up sustainability – not your run-of-the-mill kind of brief - but one WFF and UN are putting out to the world.

Brownie points to Google. The brand are partnering with Girlguiding to help inspire more girls to become computer programmers and engineers.

Clear your nan’s mantelpiece – the commemorative plate lives on.

There is a place deep in the crooks of hell for people who rustle sweet packets in the cinema; this, we know. The annoyance went to a whole new realm in theatres across the globe this week, with the release of horror picture, A Quiet Place.

Sting called it back in 1987, but touching down in a foreign land, it can feel like you’re an alien.

Throw in the language barrier, and you’ve got your classic speaking slowly-and-loudly, with a highly offensive impression of the accent, pointy-pointy at things Brit-abroad combo.

Babbel and Wieden & Kennedy aim to change that - meet Alexi.

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