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Charcoal activated vegan croissants


Therapy for troubled robots, an award-winning skyscraper, readressing masulinity in 2018 and a secret hospital for criminals.

Overweight, middle-aged builders insist they work topless.

You find that your face is in the depths of a stranger’s armpit on a bus.

Everyone is drunk.

Ain’t nothing like a heatwave.

Craving that pre-9am meat pie? We’ve all been there. Scenes of fury in Morrisons.

Fast-forward to 2118 and robots are having a right mare.

Now human enough to experience mental health issues, the third generation of their kind are struggling with their sense of purpose.

‘AI Therapy’ is the latest from Mother, created for Ted Talks. The original film forms part of a series of films made to bring to life Ted’s theme of 2018: ‘The Age of Amazement’.

Remember what you were doing last Sunday? Well, you nearly died.

Good things in the world: Polish architects have designed a foldable skyscraper to offer relief in remote disaster zones. Winner of this year’s eVolvo Skyscraper competition.

Meanwhile, East London continues to let us all down.

In the land of rebrand, National Geographic unveils its latest redesign, with a new look for its May issue.

Weatherspoons ditches social, leaving hundreds of its managers across the UK horrified at the thought of having to deal with face-to face communication with actual humans again. But is the decision brave and bold leadership at its best?

Generating one of the world’s most loved brands first global advertising campaigns is no mean feat. Following its new logo and overhaul last year, Wieden + Kennedy talk a new era for motorsport with their reboot for Forumla 1.

Looking at comic work and the genius and art of a reoccurring punchline, the Nicer Tuesdays talk this week comes courtesy of ‘badly drawn blob’ creator, Alex Norris.

Unlucky in love? Bunker down on a pull-out bed midway through IKEA.

What starts off as first-time buyers haven of loved-up coupledom transcends into ‘I told you to measure the space behind the fridge Craig!’ bedlam. VICE interrupts every couple in one to ask their what their song is for absolutely no reason at all.

Masculinity needs a good talking to. Readdressing what it means in 2018, former editor of free men's weekly Shortlist, Martin Robinson, has launched a bold new media title called The Book of Man in a bid to redefine and broach prominent issues like mental health, loneliness and suicide.

The demon headmaster finally bows out.

‘No weapons, no violence’ is a standard rule enforced at most hospitals.

But when that hospital is a secret hospital catered towards criminals, run by Jodie Foster – well, you see our point. Set in the not-so-distant future, where guns are 3D printable and Geoff Goldblum is the bad guy, Hotel Artemis is as stylish as it is star-studded.

Thank god for the sinners.

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