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Case study: Middlesex University


Over the last few years, Middlesex University has invested over £200M and completely transformed its offering in terms of infrastructure, quality of teaching and the opportunities it offers students. This has gone a long way to challenge any preconceptions that prospective students, their parents and teachers might have. Spinnaker needed to develop a creative strategy that showed Middlesex is certainly a long way from the old ‘poly’ that it used to be.


Develop a creative strategy and new advertising positioning for 2013/14.



Spinnaker steered clear of commonplace university messaging, and created bold statements about the university’s achievements, and how these are offering up more opportunities than ever for today’s student.

Activity rolled out across press, outdoor, online and experiential in May 2013. A second burst of activity is going live for the October Open Day, including radio advertising and online video.


Qualitative measures show the campaign is being really well received amongst our audience and the internal Middlesex staff. Open day registration and application stats will be measured over the next academic year.

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