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Canopy's 2016 Insert Market Review


Canopy Media, the UK’s leading insert sales house for national press and magazines, are delighted to share with you our 2016 | Year in Review insert media learnings and observations.

Following a year of extensive national press monitoring, Canopy Media can now provide you with Year on Year analysis across all market sectors.

Whilst market insights can never be fully accurate, this update will provide you with a representative view which can be used as a basis for planning.

We collate inserts from all national newspapers, both in the North and the South, and use in-house analysis to produce the most accurate, comprehensive, industry leading market insight for inserts.

Carefully designed to help you understand where and when your clients competitive set are active, in addition to a creative, format and offer appraisal, our extensive insight has been developed throughout the year using multiple sources.

The 2016 | Year in Review is available here:

For more information on your market sector or to discuss further, please contact:

Charlie Hands | 0207 611 8168 |

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