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Canopy Bulletin - what a difference a year makes!


Having spent some time at Adweek Europe last week, my many conversations not only positively encouraged me in the resurgence surrounding advertising in print, but also in re-engaging readers with quality journalism. Have stories on Brexit and Trump pushed us so far down the line of fake news and false promises that we need some reliable and quality opinion back in our lives? Let’s hope so!

I was also impressed and reassured by the clear value that print still serves as a vital role in the make-up of most advertising campaigns. Last year, when most advertising conversations started and finished with digital, there was a lot of dialogue around current events in the world of print, and in particular, the world of content.

Advertisers are still very aware of the creative standout and engagement that can be achieved in print - they just need to be directed down the right path!

Which brings me onto the one point that was very clear - as media sellers we have to make it as easy as possible to buy our inventory. Media agencies just don't have the time or resources anymore to waste on complicated buying, and will inevitably look for the first quality and accessible option available.

In the inserts market, Canopy has been providing a pain-free buying solution across our 12 publishing partners for some time, and we strongly believe that if the display and classified markets are to thrive, then providing a multi-title proposal through one source is surely the right way forward!

I hope you will find this and our future bulletins interesting, informative and useful, and if there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to contact me on 0207 611 8148 or

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