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CANNT festival summer party



The sun.


Well, yes. Of course.

This is where we'll be - and you should be to - on Thursday 21 June at CANNT's summer party, held with Glug events.

A quite spectacular venue as well, the Skylight at Tobacco Docks, with a marvellous rooftop (natch) that promises glorious vistas across our nation's fair capital. And it will be home to 600+ of the industry's finest people drawn from around agencies, studios, big brands, start-ups.

The whole smorgasbord of the creative world, united in a display of Notworking, with easy access to refreshments and, of course, delighting in the fercious competition in those three core disciplines of the committed creative: boule, croquet and petanque.

Sounds good, right?

Nope. It's great. So hit the blue button to book your place in the sun.

Strictly good times this a-way

CANNT festival

The CANNT festival is committed to genuine creativity, openness and fostering community spirit. This year's theme is: Come Together.

As well as being a corker of a Primal Scream track, Come Together is a straightforward invitation to join forces, be together, share ideas, experiences, and embrace a default, open attitude.

Learn more, here.

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