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Can we help address social media-induced depression in adolescents


In their well publicised research the University of Glasgow measured sleep quality, self-esteem, anxiety, depression and emotional investment in social media which relates to the pressure felt to be available 24/7 and the anxiety around, for example, not responding immediately to texts or posts.

General and night-time specific use along with emotional investment in social media were found to be related to poorer sleep quality, lower self-esteem as well as higher anxiety and depression levels.

Troughs are always followed by peaks

While this trend is worrying, perhaps we are witnessing the dawn of a digital counter culture.

The human psyche is amazingly resilient. The real world operates with human interaction, and as these affected adolescents grow up they will surely realise the erosion of personal nuance and the virtual reality of a solely digital, always-on social media-centric life is not the most fulfilling way to live.

If this is indeed the beginning of a trend and we can hit the curve on its ascent the opportunity is clear. Instead of only focusing on peddling temporary digital content, help consumers get a dose of durable reality and they may just recognise the value of what they were given with their loyalty.

Supporting Evidence

It’s already happening at our educational facilities.

Over the past 24 months, customers using Transeo Media’s personalisation technology platforms have reported an explosion in the volumes of personalised educational yearbooks, diaries, keepsakes, picture storybooks, and printed childrens’ art.

While the largest growth is primarily primary schools driven by parents and deliberately promoted by teachers, universities and secondary schools in the UK have hatched creative plans to draw students from their social media-centric lives, offering them a way to commit their virtual experiences in the form of personalised and customised photo-based books and diaries.

The key to this growth is that the products and on-line ordering portals are finely honed to the subject at hand and are under the secure auspices and privacy of the school.

They are also branded by a sponsoring organisation. This is where you could come into the picture. Help make lives more real, gain valuable exposure and stand out. Could be a plan.

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