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Cameronâs new cabinet


The new cabinet features a great deal of continuity with the past, which offers stability for business. But there have been a number of changes, to replace departing Liberal MPs.

Ed Vaizey MP, the minister heavily involved in the nuisance calls debate and instrumental in introducing new legislation to prosecute rogue firms who make nuisance calls [LINK to DMA story] has retained his post as Minister for the Digital Economy. Keeping this position was one of the main ask in the DMA Manifesto [hyperlink].

Simon Hughes was the last minister responsible for the data protection in Justice, but he lost his seat at the general election as the Liberal Democrats suffered catastrophic losses, reduced from 59 to 8 seats in Parliament.

Dominic Raab MP replaces Hughes, but it is unlikely he will steer policy on the Data Protection Regulation in a radically different direction as there is so little time left in the debate. Consequently, it should be a case of business as usual for the UK negotiating team in Brussels working on the Data Protection Regulation.

Mr Raab coined the term ‘British Bill of Rights’ and has been placed in Justice to push through reform with the new Minister for Justice, Michael Gove MP on that front, which will include abolishing the Human Rights Act and introducing a British Bill of Rights.

Mr Raab has been described as a ‘radical libertarian’ and takes a pro-business stance on most issues, and favours cutting red tape and putting an end to onerous regulation.

Sajid Javid MP has been promoted from Secretary of State at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to Secretary of State at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), replacing Vince Cable MP, who also lost his seat.

In turn, John Whittingdale MP replaces Mr Javid at DCMS. Sajid Javid continues his rapid rise through the Conservative Party ranks and clearly remains a favourite of both David Cameron and George Osbourne.

All in all, Cameron’s new cabinet does not give marketers any reason to worry, as most of the MPs in roles that have an influence on one-to-one marketing take a pro-business stance on most issues.

The DMA looks forward to working with newly promoted ministers.

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