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Bulmers: Live Colourful


Shoreditch, the home of London pop-ups, two weeks ago played host to Bulmers’ Live Colourful event, a three-day experiential evening extravaganza. I was lucky enough to get given a ticket and on Thursday made my way east through the droves of frustrated Londoners trying to get home with no tubes running. It was hot, sweaty and muggy – thank goodness I was going to be drinking crisp cold cider all night.

Having never been to anything like this, I had no idea what to expect. I pictured something outdoors (it is summer, after all). I was expecting hay bails, straw hats, cider barrels, loud music and a farm-like feel. How wrong I was. Entering the building felt a little like walking into a grey scale photograph of someone’s living room. Everything from the pictures on the wall to the connect 4 to the people were painted grey. The DJ, bar snacks and Jenga – all grey. And in the midst of this concrete house were rows and rows of Bulmers, bright and colourful bottles sitting on the wall.

The event was to promote the new Bulmers flavour – Zesty Blood Orange – so putting colours front and centre was the perfect way to attract interest. It also meant they were able to show off the range of flavours: Pear, Bold Black Cherry, Crushed Red Berries & Lime, Indian Summer and more – all of which we sampled (of course).

Although the event was very much about the product, it wasn’t forceful or pushy. We played table tennis, Connect 4, listened to music, snacked away on black olives and white cheese – it was intended to make you feel at home. But because it was ultimately about the product, in particular the new flavours, it was an effective promotion and one that I came away from with a disinctly positive feeling - the bar staff were helpful, it was well executed and had a very clear brand message - Live Colourful!

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