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Build experiential engagement with your customer data


In the early results of the DMA Customer Engagement research, consumers are repeating the complaint: “I don’t like being bombarded with emails.” We will find out more when the full results are delivered on June 14 but there is little surprise of this sentiment from consumers.

As marketers, we’re driven by the marketing metrics to keep track of our KPIs, benchmark campaign results and keep our C-suite members abreast of marketing progress. However, as the volume of databases and data-points increase, marketing & business performance metrics begin to overshadow end-user experience. The balances between push and pull messaging for each individual customer is difficult to harmonise and engagement tends to suffer as a result. How can marketers achieve the balance of board level satisfaction and maintaining that level of innovation that continues to engage the customer?

A great example of a brand building experience and engagement with their data is Regent Street. The Regent Street app is designed to transform retailers customer engagement through personalised experience.
Over 120 retailers, restaurants and bars are creating content for the Regent Street app that is triggered to customers by autoGraph beacons and geo-fencing. Shoppers willingly create user generated profiles via their likes and dislikes of brands and the content they see on the app. Regent Street avoids bombarding visitors as 90% of the time a trigger is not fulfilled because the content, brand or message isn’t the right fit for the individual customer. The app sifts through the myriad of brands messages on Regent Street and matches appropriately to the shopper’s user generated profile. This process drives up Regent Street’s contextually relevant engagement, customer satisfaction, and provides a truly unique shopping experience.

Check out the Regent Street app for iPhone and Android.

Hear more about how User Generated Profiles enhance customer engagement on June 14 when Stacey Anklam, COO of, will be speaking at the DMA Customer Engagement Summit. Book your place here.

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