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Big Book Crit - Spring 2018


The fifth round of the Big Book Crit in partnership with the Graeme Robertson Trust, the IDM & DMA has come to an end which gave aspiring creatives across the UK the opportunity to have their portfolios critiqued by some of the very best Creative Directors in the industry over three days in four locations.

To give you an idea of how each event works, the evening is split into three sections, kicking off with a short talk discussing who the Graeme Robertson Trust are and how the evening will work. Attendees then split off into groups and claim one of the ‘Critiquing Stations’ that are dotted around the venue. The Creative Directors then move from station to station, critiquing at each for 15 minutes. The final section of the evening gives attendees an opportunity to network with the creatives they have meet over a beer, wine and nibbles.

The round began on Tuesday with two Big Book Crits with one in London hosted at DMA House and the other in Bristol hosted at creative agency Prophecy. Rebecca Maddox descried the experience as a ‘great opportunity to get valuable feedback on your portfolio and a great way to gain experience promoting and talking about your work in a professional environment.’

Wednesday saw the Big Book Crit head North to Edinburgh where marketing agency Union hosted the group of budding creatives and the round came to a close in Norwich at Norwich University of the Arts. Beth Nicols ‘would recommend going to anyone who is trying to break into the creative industry!’

Described as the event that ‘gives the underdog a chance’ by Becky Reynolds, the Big Book Crit is the perfect opportunity to get your portfolio up to scratch, pick up some leading industry contacts and even have the opportunity of getting a placement with one of the attending creatives! Danielle Ashby now feels at an advantage after ‘gaining some constructive criticism in a non-intimidating environment that will allow her to perfect her book.’

​If you’re an aspiring creative, this is an event you definitely don’t want to miss. The next round of Big Book Crits will be taking place in autumn 2018.

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