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Best Writing at the DMAs 2016: MRM Meteorite and Tommy Tippee


As an award-winning baby care brand, Tommee Tippee knows about the challenges of parenting.

But to truly "Parent on" - Tommee Tippee's clarion call to mothers and fathers everywhere - a new digital space was needed, so the company sought out the skills of MRM Meteorite for a fundamental re-think of their website.

The result was the Gold winner of the 2016 DMA Awards Best Writing category.

MRM's task was to build a Tommee Tippee-world parents could travel to and through to pick up the hints, tips and support they crave to make their parenting journey that little bit smoother.

The writing challenge within that project was to forge links with busy parents by using clear, concise and connective language. Short, sharp bursts of copy ripple across the site, from product descriptions to FAQ sections, conversational in tone, eschewing that oft-tread path of telling parents what they should and shouldn't do.

There's even a Parents' Room section featuring long-copy, article content crafted by fellow parents, journalists and health professionals. With real-life stories, "how to" guides and a raft of expert advice, the Parents' Room is somewhere for Tommee Tippee visitors to dip in to and learn from as and when they need the content.

The website re-work also features a collection of supportive memes that play a keep part in this supportive parent-friendly universe. The Tommee Tippee / MRM Meteorite partnership was our Gold winner in Best Writing category, and you can learn more about the work here.

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