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Best Writing at the DMAs 2016: Leo Burnett & NSPCC


How to balance a child's voice, a serious message and create a story that connects and moves?

Leo Burnett and NSPCC again joined up for a piece of work that answered those challenges and more, with their piece centered around Alfie the astronaut.

A Silver winner in our Best Writing category, the spot featured as part of their wider campaign to raise the profile of abuse in children.

Children don't believe in impossible, and one of the many profound effects of abuse is to steal this gift away from them. So through Alfie we are taken on child's eye view of the limitlessness of true youth, as we join his journey to the stars. The writing challenge centered on finding that balance between the authentic and the impactful. We entered an uplifting visual world punctuated with timely, visceral narrative interludes that take us away from the light of Alfie's astronaut dreams, toward the dark realities of life for abused children.

Ultimately the work leads the viewer to a powerful reminder that donations do make a difference and can rescue children like Alfie so they can afford to dream again - donations can help take children anywhere, away from abuse and those that mistreat them.

Dig deeper into the campaign here, and read more about Leo Burnett's work with the NSPCC, including a look at their "Share Aware" campaign, a Gold winner at the DMA Awards in 2015.

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