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Best Writing at the DMAs 2016: Arthur London and Plan International


With good writing, it's possible to create work that forces a monolithic institution like the UN to rip up a 15 year-old rulebook.

Arthur London, and their client Plan International, are proof of that. Their work won a Bronze in the DMA Awards Best Writing category, with a campaign that showcased the global support for girls rights' issues.

With a tiny production budget and limited media spend possibilities, Arthur and Plan International devised a campaign built on the unlocking the power of girls, and dependent on a grass-roots connection with the story and vision they offered for the work to catch-on and drive change.

They built a film that harnessed co-operation not just between agency and client, but girls from around the globe, each adding their own voice to the powerful narrative.

The film features the poetry of Keisha Thompson, a young British writer, whose words travel the globe and act as the voice of disenfranchised, undervalued young women everywhere - we hear from 13 different girls, from eight different countries.

Learn more about the campaign, its strategy and results here.

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