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Beer, woofs and a whole lot of critiquing


PSONA provided the perfect setting for London's aspiring creatives to get their portfolio's critiqued by some of the industry's best Creative Directors. There was a great turnout and the night was shaping up to be the best Big Book Crit yet – and Carlo the guide dog definitely boosted excitement!

PSONA’s very own Neame Ingram started proceedings talking attendees through who PSONA are, his role and how he got into the industry, giving some very insightful tips along the way. Todd Mansill and Taelon Vorster from yourfeed followed, presenting their online social platform for creatives which connects your work to brands, jobs and people. And then it was time for the fun to begin…

There were 11 critiquing stations, and attendees spread themselves equally across them, eager to present their work to the Creative Directors in attendance. At the sound of the bell, the Creative Directors moved from station to station, spending fifteen minutes at each giving invaluable advice to the aspiring creatives.

The quality of work on display was exceptionally high and with the guidance attendees have gained from the evening, that work can only get better! As the evening drew to a close and we entered the networking section of the event, we spoke to Neame who told us that ‘the Big Book Crit is a fantastic initiative. I just wish it had been set-up when I was a student trying to get into the industry. Getting the chance to show my work to 10 Creative Directors in one night, would have been amazing’.
So, if you know an aspiring creative or in fact are one yourself, you definitely don’t want to miss this event! Fear not that the London one has passed... The Big Book Crit is coming to Norwich, Bristol and Edinburgh over the next few weeks! Grab your FREE tickets here.

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