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Are you truly creating conversion-oriented content? Hereâs how you can find out.


Perri Robinson

With so many of us communication professionals increasingly having to justify our existence, there’s nothing quite like showcasing the ROI of our campaigns in monetary terms. Lead generation is no walk in the park, especially if we have an unidentified leaking bucket pouring our hard work (not to mention money) down the drain.

Fortunately, optimising our content strategy with conversion in mind and the help of a media monitoring tool like Meltwater to guide the way really isn’t that difficult. Here’s how you can tell if you’re truly creating conversion-oriented content (and if you aren’t, how

you can do exactly that)!

Conversion-oriented content

Conversion-oriented content is created with the goal of attracting, acquiring and engaging clearly defined current and potential clients. Driving profitable customer action is considered at every stage of the content-marketing process. Action being the key word here!

media monitoring

Truly understanding the needs of the audience

Remember, different clusters of people make up our target audience – and with them come different needs. We have those who have just become familiar with our brand and are in the early stages of brand awareness, for example. When we compare those audience members to others who have been clients for years, we can better understand the different needs of each and how we can accommodate them through conversion-oriented content.

Any sufficient marketing automation software, such as Marketo, will be able to identify where our audience members sit in terms of their life cycle stage. When we blend this data with media monitoring insights, we can more easily spot the different needs of our segmented audience and create value-based content off the back of this. Learn more about blending media monitoring with other data types here.

Content mapping

Once we’ve identified the different needs apparent, it’s time to adapt our content to accommodate them. As Yogurt Top Marketing’s Adam Šapić explains, “Different audiences require different content, for example landing pages, calls to action and nurture flows. Meltwater’s media monitoring tool enables us to build customer personas more effectively so that we can facilitate those different types of conversations depending on where the customer is in the buyer cycle.”

Play on emotions

By now we should have identified the different needs of our target audience and mapped out the best form of content based on this. Now it’s time to coax them to take action through the content itself.

One of the major roles of content marketing is storytelling. Stories are told to evoke emotions – be they excitement, fear or humour. As discussed in our previous blog, research has established that emotions have a profound impact on human actions and create a lasting instinctual impression that prompts us to take action in the future. Since conversion-oriented content is all about creating action, be sure to evoke feelings and emotion amongst the audience.

Playing on the fears of our audience is much more likely to push them to take action in order to reduce the chances of their fears coming true. Social media is the perfect focus group to discover those fears. Find out here how you can use an online media monitoring tool to uncover your target market’s fears today!

media monitoring

Measure the ROI

According to Aaron Kahlow, as little as 23% of B2C marketers are successful at tracking the ROI of their content marketing! For those who have aimed/are aiming to create conversion-oriented content, that statistic is truly eye-watering.

We’ve listed a few metrics below that can be analysed using most media monitoring tools. Media monitoring acts as our right-hand man when it comes to making an educated decision as to whether our content has been built with conversion in mind.

  • Competitive share of voice
  • Media exposure
  • AVE
  • Geographic exposure
  • Brand sentiment
  • Top publishers
  • Trending themes
  • Click-throughs

Want to know more about how media monitoring can help improve your chances of creating conversion-oriented content? Drop us an email

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