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Are You More Monkey, Lion or Dog?


At Lab we have a unique psychology model that helps us to empathise with all aspects of decision-making – the rational, the irrational and the emotional.

Take the test and find out if you are a Monkey, Lion or Dog….

We tend to think of ourselves as rational creatures with occasional emotional outbursts, but in reality we are emotional creatures with occasional moments of rationality. In digital, we tend to create hypothetical ‘personas’ as the starting point for developing more personalised experiences.

Personas are typically started based on socio-demographic segmentation and the subsequent messaging often tends toward rational drivers like features, benefits, price & availability. The challenge is that people are not that predictable - two people within the same persona group can make the same choice but for completely different reasons.

At Lab we want to know what really motivates people to make choices. We like to develop personas and messaging that cater to not only the rational decision making processes of the consumer, but also the irrational, emotional, unpredictable, quirky stuff.

Check out the Monkey Lion Dog test to see what we look for.

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