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Are the established purchase journey models redundant today?


A few hours before over 40 million UK citizens decide which way to vote based on largely negative rhetoric from both the Remain and Leave camps, I am interested to hear people’s views on the largely linear purchase models that inform our marketing planning.

This demonstrates how emotionally loaded decision-making is today; and the models we have used to date don't recognise this.

KHWS have developed a planning approach based on the proposition “Brand Commerce”. It's based on the behavioral science of heuristics and we have identified the key mental shortcuts that consumers are hard-wired to make when deciding to purchase. KHWS created 9 Sales Triggers that represent these mental short cuts.

The Brand Commerce planning model uses the 9 Sales Triggers to identify the right messaging and context in which to inform creative marketing that is both timely, relevant and loaded with brand emotion.

This is not a linear process because consumers no longer go through the traditional purchase journey and brands need to flexible in their marketing to acknowledge this so that any interaction can be turned into a transaction.

What are your thoughts?

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