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Are Startups Ready for GDPR? We Look To The Numbers


It’s finally here! After several months of preparation, the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) has finally come into effect. This new European regulation will affect all companies, wherever their country of origin, and regulate the collection and processing of private data from European citizens.


In order to make startups aware of their obligations under GDPR, Mailjet created a quiz in 2017 to assess their level of compliance with the main requirements of this regulation. While nearly 12,000 start-ups have responded to the quiz since its launch, we analyzed a sample of about 2,000 respondents from France, UK, Spain, Germany and the US who completed the survey within one month of GDPR. The goal? To understand which startups around the world are ready and which still have a bit more work to do!

Key Takeaways

In Europe, France is trailing the pack on data encryption (with only 21% of respondents encrypting their data) and only 40% having proper proof of consent). The United Kingdom is at the top of the list, with 33% of start-ups properly encrypting their data and nearly half have verified their supplier’s compliance with the GDPR. On the other side of the Atlantic, American startups seem to be much more prepared on several key areas… Dig into the full results below!

The European GDPR Start-Up Championship

Now it is your turn!

How well are you prepared for the GDPR? Try the quiz yourself. If you are not ready yet, we have created a handy GDPR SOS kit for marketers to become and stay compliant.


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