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Apprentice Marketing Lessons â Youâre Hired!


Apprentice Marketing Lesson 1 - Too Much Is Never Enough

Actually, "too much is never enough" was a successful slogan from the early days of MTV, but it could just as easily be the "poster child" for marketing. You can never connect with consumers too frequently.

There's a marketing truism out there: To sell a prospect, you'll need to make repeated contact. That's why most email campaigns use a minimum of three messages.

It's more effective to send three emails to 1,000 prospects than one email to 3,000. Another approach is a "timed" or "sequenced" campaign.

In this kind of campaign, message #1 is a teaser. #2 is the "guts" and a gift offer. #3 gives ordering instructions. The sequenced approach allows you to generate both expectations and recognition.

By repeating your marketing message over and over, you "imbed" that message in the consumer's mind. Then, when the consumer needs what you have to offer, they'll think of you first... even if aren't actively marketing to them in the moment.

The goal is to make yourself the automatic go-to solution for a problem whenever that problem occurs. The consumer's sub-conscious will do the driving.

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