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An unlikely bromance


Why Friday the thireenth is even worse this year, the latest hard-hitter from Oxfam, designing colour blind, and an office chair to change your working week.


We can all appreciate a good marketing opportunity when we see one. No time wasted.

From enough hair gel to drown a cow to rising off stools at that all-important key change; the greatest boyband tracks ever.

The starman rolled into New York City this week, all with a help from Spotify. The music stream brand has taken over Broadway-Lafayeytte subway station until May 13 with a gigantic tribute to Bowie.

Move over Joe and Barack, there’s a new bromance in town. Just as long as Trump doesn’t intend on visiting the United King-dammit.

Facebook. To quote the great Tay-Tay - we knew you were trouble when you walked in. More tricky questions for Zuckerberg.

How can the network save itself? Just be less creepy probably.

Embracing the oxymoron. Colour blind digital designer, Matt Roberts talks to Creative Lives about how his colour blindness helps him to see things from a different angle.

The clock is ticking. With now only under one month until GDPR comes into force, Harry Lang asks: where is the GPPR campaign to tell consumers about their data rights?

We’re all unique, sure we are. But why? It’s a question we should all be exploring according to Helen Tupper, as she talks on making an impact in your career.

Unapologetic laziness continues to prosper. Speaking of which, just how fat are you?

Oxfam make headlines for all the rights reasons this week, with their latest spot, The heist no one is talking about. The hard-hitting film, created by Don’t Panic aims to raise awareness, illustrating the human cost of tax avoidance on the world’s poorest.

Powerful stuff.



There’s office chairs, and then there’s office chairs.

Electric dreams. Volvo announce their goal of 50% of car sales to be all-electric by 2025.

The young – too wrapped up in Justin Bieber’s latest neck tattoo and selfie-angles to care about the likes of ruddy vegetables. Buro Bum Bum designs a cheery cookbook to get kids excited about all things delicious and green.

Film. Marvel have dropped the trailer for their next cinematic monster with a little help from lady’s favourite, Tom Hardy.

Venom hints at a much darker side to the superhero world, with Hardy’s journalist Eddie Brock hearing voices, before eventually sprouting into some snakey alien bloke with a noticeable disregard for dental hygiene.

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