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An ideal future for one-to-one fundraising


What will the future of fundraising look like? The DMA's fundraising taskforce publishes its vision following a wide consultation with major stakeholders.

The events of the last year left the fundraising sector in need of real change to meet the needs of today’s charity donors and supporters. The explosion in data, rapid development of technology and ease of one-to-one communication has given the fundraising sector huge power and reach. With this has come the need for greater mastery of one-to-one communications to ensure responsible, successful and future-proof fundraising practices.

Earlier this year the DMA’s fundraising taskforce published a whitepaper and held a workshop to discuss how to lead the sector’s response to some of these fundamental challenges.

Today the taskforce can reveal its recommendations for the industry in the form of an interactive graphic and whitepaper (link below). Each recommendation sets out tangible goals and realistic actions, endorsed by a major stakeholder. The graphic and whitepaper act as a roadmap for the third sector to use on their journey to a more sustainable fundraising future.

The key to creating a sustainable future for the sector is to ensure supporters are at the heart of all fundraising efforts. It’s important to recognise that donors are the most important people in the entire charity process and that what is right for them is ultimately best for your organisation and its beneficiaries.

Charities are not expected to be able to achieve all the suggested aims of this model tomorrow but by attempting to raise the bar, each charity will contribute to a more sustainable future for the whole sector.

Mapping out an ideal future operating model for the the third sector

A printable version of the whitepaper is also available via the button below and if you would like to contribute to any further discussion, please contact the DMA Councils team at

An ideal future of one-to-one fundraising whitepaper

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