Advertising Association's Scotland Showcase at the Scotland Office

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Advertising Association's Scotland Showcase at the Scotland Office


On Tuesday 24 April, the Advertising Association hosted their Scotland Showcase in Dover House. Introducing the event, CEO of the Advertising Association, Stephen Woodford, spoke about the great work already being done in Scotland’s advertising industry. A sign of a growing advertising industry was a sign of a growing economy.

A short video giving examples of successful advertising stories showed the strength and innovation in the Scottish advertising industry.

Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Scotland, Lord Duncan of Springbank, gave further testament to Scotland’s potential, citing that every £1.7bn invested in advertising returned £8.8bn for the Scottish Economy.

The potential for advertising and marketing success in Scotland is there to be capitalised on. The DMA’s presence in Scotland is ever-growing and we will be there to support our members in their marketing pursuits.

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