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Adaptive Marketers are Data-Driven: Alterian at DataIQ Summit 2017


The annual DataIQ Summit in London brings together the best-of-breed of industry experts and brands to discuss in detail how data is shaping the way forward for marketing and how customer experience is driving us to make more of our data.


Alterian took the opportunity to sponsor the data-driven marketing stream and aligned with our partner, GBG, and client, UK household brand and customer Thomas Cook to present a 25-minute session on the evolution of the Adaptive Marketer with Ryan Cotton, Senior Leader in CRM, Analytics & Insights. Ryan leads the charge on how Thomas Cook has advanced to understand their customer behavioral data to better understand their customers, personalize communication to them, and, in turn, trigger communications. Over the last few years, Ryan and his team have gone from brilliant basics to looking at the future and their plans to become Ultimate Adaptive Marketers.

Using a mixture of internal team resources and Alterian technology, Thomas Cook is now able to connect with their customers across their entire, non-linear journey when purchasing a holiday in their chosen channel of engagement. In fact, the whole DataIQ event was geared toward this idea: The customer and how important they are to brands and businesses as well as how those interactions and personal touches can make or break your relationship with them.


Understanding your data and actually using it are two very different things. Based on the fact that a consumers’ attention span is now below 8 seconds, using data to deliver in-the-moment engagement, combining fast and slow data in real-time, is essential for attracting and retaining customer brand engagement. To further support this, brands must move away from being channel-centric to being truly customer-centric and Market to the Opportunity irrespective of where the customer is on their journey.

The stream we sponsored was alongside some of our key partners, including Rapp, who also see the customer as king and, according to Thomas Cook, so is the context as long as you are providing the right, relevant content.

We would like to thank DataIQ for hosting the event and allowing minds to free flow around data as well as all the sponsors and brands that contributed. Until next year!

Alex Simonson, Alterian

Alex Simonson, VP of Business Development EMEA

Alex has over 20 years of experience of working with clients, agencies, and marketing service providers in delivering data-based customer engagement solutions that deliver demonstrable ROI across a wide variety of vertical markets. In the increasingly complex world of customer engagement, Alex currently heads up the business development team and is responsible for delivering customer experience solutions for clients across EMEA that allow brands to engage with their customers in-the-moment across any channel.

When he is not supporting customers, Alex can be found supporting Chelsea FC and the England Cricket team whilst also juggling his passion for good food and fine wine.

As published on the Alterian blog.

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