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A Surreal Immersive Experience from EasyJet


It all started on Shoreditch High Street.

Easy jet flight attendants herded confused and tipsy passers buy into the queue.

At the end of the queue, visitors stepped through an Easyjet airplane hatch into the departures hall where a surreal, Holland themed adventure began.

First we found ourselves on Ruben’s canal boat tasting traditional (and very good) Dutch cheese.

Then through the bookcase and into the art gallery where the paintings came to life! Before we could fully appreciate the laughing man’s puntastic jokes we were summoned to help Van Gough complete his latest faceless masterpiece.

We were positioned around the table and each of us was assigned a hat and a comical role as Vincent painted our faces onto the canvas.

After rummaging through the back of Van Gough’s studio we found ourselves on a bicycle ride through the streets of Rotterdam and Utrecht. Our pretty Dutch guide showed us all the sights and then dropped us off with her very floral friend.

The flower monster took us down a mysterious alleyway and into a huge tulip greenhouse. He wasn’t very talkative but hugs and selfies were very much encouraged :)

At the other end of the greenhouse we found the departures hall, where we were presented with a traditional Dutch biscuit and Van Gough’s latest completed masterpiece to take home.

Then back into the melee of Shoreditch High Street on Friday night, as if nothing had happened… Was it a dream?

Visitors were encouraged to tag their selfies with #WhyNotSelfie and @easyJet for the chance to win a pair of flights.

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