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A misspent search for happiness.


It’s no surprise that most holidays are booked just a day after Christmas. Our anticipation of happiness is so inherent in what makes us human that we crave for the next slice of happiness before the festive season is even over. This has been heightened through social media as we need to be seen happily celebrating our happiness even if we’re not that happy at all.

But before the season of goodwill to all men hits our high streets, the media and conversations over the kettle are buzzing with the American phenomenon… Black Friday. The day after Americans give thanks for everything they have, is now dedicated to all the things they haven’t.

Over the last few years this festival of commercialism has descended on us like a red mist, where normal shoppers go toe-to-toe for large and small ticket items. Trying to buy happiness and missing out can leave us so distraught that we’re prepared to push, pull and punch our way to win.

To be disappointed over missing out on something that you didn’t want is testament to the power of that want over need.

And let’s be honest if you’re spending less money on something you didn’t even want or need then you’re not saving anything. Helping brands clear old stock doesn’t make you happy, not really. There’s no spiritual substance in racing off in search of the next bargain.

So I’m anticipating my next holiday on the couch with my family enjoying a film or a game while goodwill to all men is put on hold for a bargain.

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